I watched JYP Healing Camp today with my mom because one of our church members told my mom to watch it. My mom and I were so blown away and excited to see what JYP was thinking.

I’m SURE God is speaking to him. JYP doesn’t know it’s Him yet, but God will continue to pursue him. I’m sure of it because JYP has so much influence in the KPOP industry. He has the potential to evangelize to so many lost souls in Korean media.

These are some screenshots that I found online that show some of his thoughts on.. life.. I guess lol.

Basically, the caption says despite his success, he feels like it’s in vain.. there’s a void in his heart.

He states that there’s something missing which is why he feels alone and confused

OMG what he said here made me go :O He’s basically saying people can’t control their own lives and even their own bodies.. He also mentioned before that we can consciously move our fingers/extremities, but we don’t need them to move to live. Instead, we need vital organs in our bodies to continue to live.. like our heart, but we don’t consciously tell our hearts to work. It just does on its own. He’s saying that there must be someone greater telling it to work, keeping us alive. YES, YOU’RE RIGHT. GOD IS IN CONTROL OF OUR LIVES, OUR BODIES BELONG TO HIM.

He talks about his successes, but he acknowledges that it wasn’t by what HE did, not by HIS works. So he recognizes that there is someone who watched over him and protected him. (OMG HE’S SO CLOOOSEE!!)

JYP doesn’t even know who, but he’s still thankful. Thankful for being a singer, just living a thankful life.

He’s so thankful that he just looks up and says “Thank you”

But he says that this “someone” asked him if he was just SAYING thanks.. this is so hard to translate directly, but it’s like.. “thankful only with words?” He’s talking about lip service. You can be thankful, but not do anything about it, yaknow?

And then he says that when he says thank you, the “greater being” asks him, you say you’re thankful, but you don’t come to find me?

JYP is currently on a journey to find that person that gave him life and blessed him with so many of the things he was given. God is already speaking to him, pursuing him like MAD.

PRAY FOR HIM. PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY. Korean media is such a dark dark place. I know that once JYP meets God and Jesus, he will spread God’s word. I mean, even during this interview sort of thing, the MCs treated him like he was kinda crazy.. but he persisted, vocalizing his opinions. Imagine once he gets the truth, he won’t be able to contain it. Wow, this is so exciting.

You know what’s interesting though? JYP says he’s searching everything to find this “greater being” that exists. JYP wants a RELATIONSHIP with this “greater being”. God is a relational God. He is our FATHER. He wants us to talk to him.. JYP is looking for God. 


My mom and I were so excited while watching puhahahaha..

kay. time to sleep. lawl.

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