I don’t like the type of people that ask what type of side dish I ate, so don’t ask that.

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it’s funny how attraction works

"I never knew what doing something ‘Just because’ meant.
Just because is just because”.


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"12 years ago, I saw a pretty girl. I wished that she should be my girlfriend. Now I want her to protect my home. No matter how tiring my day is, I wish I wouldn’t feel lonely with the girl in my house. I can’t promise that I’ll make you the happiest woman in the world. But I can guarantee that my love is growing more and more and it will grow even stronger. I can promise that you’ll always be the most precious one in my life […] Soo Wan. Yoon Soo Wan. Will you become my family?” 

the type of proposal i want.. nothing too elaborate, just genuine words

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"I’m going to stick to you like glue. You’ll never get rid of me. I won’t let you go again". 

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Seojunie finally meets Kim Junhyeon!

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